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Live Webcasting (Web Broadcasting)

Webcasting, Online Webcasting, Live Webcasting in Kolkata, India

Live Streaming is a new way to share your life’s important event with people who are located far and near, hence cannot be physically present in the venue. All they need is an internet connection to experience the event. With Live Streaming, they can see everything as it is happening, whether they are physically located across town, across the nation, or on the other side of the globe. The best part is that they get to see the event Live and so do not have to wait for editing, recording or uploading. Live Streaming uses streaming media technology to distribute a media file over the internet. A Live stream may either be distributed live or on demand. Live Streaming simply put is “broadcasting” over the Internet. With the Live stream, the viewer can be listed and watch the proceeding in real time. Some advantages of Live Streaming are:

1. Live Streaming is a highly cost-effective communication tool.

2. The geographical and regional boundaries do not matter.

3. Viewers can watch the web streaming live or record it to view later.

4. Viewers are free to choose their location as long as there is an internet connection.

The sites where we can provide this service is -

1. Clients own website

2. Clients Facebook Page

3. Clients Google+ page

4. youtube channel