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Video Conferencing

Videoconferencing allows people from different locations to communicate in real-time using audio and video. It is an excellent way for virtual teams to interact. Videoconferencing allows you to put a face into a voice making the viewer much more engrossed in the communication. One most important advantage of video conferencing is the cost-cutting that happens due to savings in travel and accommodation. There are two types of video conferencing,

• the point-to-point video conferencing

• multi-point video conferencing.

Point-to-point uses a single IP address to link two sets of video conferencing equipment. Multi-point video conferencing is much more complicated and varied, it depends on how many locations are connected, and the amount of budget allowed to spend. Internet connection through an ISP (Internet Service Provider) or through ISDN lines with NT boxes is needed for Videoconferencing. Creative Video provides end to end solutions to clients making all arrangements right from setting up of the audio-visual equipments to executing the complete event on the Creative Video’s video conferencing platform.